Your Hair System: Q&A

Your Hair System: Q&A

Technical Matters

What’s important, of course, is that your hair system is reliable, looks perfectly natural, and is easy to live with. We guarantee that. But this page provides some more specific, more technical details to guide you in your choice.


How Do I Choose a Hair System?


Hair That Is You

We have a large variety of models so that you can choose the hair system that is right for you! We are all different and the same hair system will look different on each and every one of us. Beware of offers on internet, we don’t think it’s a good idea to buy a hair system on the Web. It is essential to try them; each woman is unique and often needs adjustments to the fringe or nape, a lock of hair here or there, or the size of the bonnet.


Very Natural Models

We have opted to stock several brands for you but we have a soft spot for the Elite-Hair brand, which provides an additional assurance of quality and whose models are extremely natural and offer the best value for money on the French market.


A Wide Range of Colors

With more than 150 models in different lengths and styles in stock and a wide range of colors: layered or bobbed, brunette, chestnut, blond, Venetian blond, auburn, with a root effect, curly, tousled, straight or wavy… we should be able to find a style that’s right for you.


One Size

Size is not a problem as the hair systems are all adjustable thanks to an easy-to-use system. Certain models come in size ‘L’ if really necessary, and we provide a ‘tailoring’ service if need be for smaller head sizes or specific face and head shapes.


Customizing Your Hair System

Once your choice is made, we will customize your hair system to suit your morphology. It can be customized by adapting the fringe or adjusted at the nape of the neck or around the ears. There are numerous possibilities and we will do all we can to help you find the style that suits you best.


How Is It Made?


How Are Hair Systems Made?

Handmade or mass-produced, hair lace or mono-filament… By combining the different techniques it is possible to create all the different hairstyles, with different thicknesses. Hair lace, for example, leaves the skin of your head slightly visible, making thinner styles look even more natural.


Hard-Fronted or Wefted Foundations

A hard-fronted or wefted foundation means the hairline can be brushed back a little and does not necessarily need a fringe to cover the forehead.


Anti-Slip System

The shape of the foundation usually prevents hair systems from slipping. In certain cases, however, (a baby who likes tugging your hair, certain sports…) an anti-slip device can be fitted to give you extra assurance. This may either be a tape tab for special double-sided tape, or combs that can be sewn to your hair system on demand.


Synthetic Fiber or Human Hair?

Synthetic fiber presents many benefits for a short-term requirement: light, flexible, easy to look after, its natural adaptive memory response means it can simply be teased back into shape with your fingers and facilitates restyling after washing.
It is easy to look after but requires products adapted to the fiber: shampoo, conditioner and styling balm to preserve the quality and beauty of your hair system.
Human hair is a high-end solution, for more information just ask and we will advise you on how to choose and care for these hair systems, which may provide an answer to your specific need (alopecia, hair loss, hair piece…)

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