The Team

The Team

Our Priority: Making You Feel Welcome


Every woman is unique and at L’Embellie, our priority is to help you find the solutions that suit you best. Whether you need a hair solution, a turban, a breast form or specifically-designed lingerie, our team of trained advisors is here to welcome you in a special space dedicated to femininity and comfort.


Our expert advisors are here to help at each stage of your treatment:


Before, to answer your questions and reassure you;

During, to help you find your solutions and make life easier for you;

After, with advice when your hair and nails grow back, on how to find the skin quality you had before, etc.

Véronique – Boutique Manager

Yasmine – Advisor

Gyle – Advisor

Nathalie – Advisor

Charlotte – Advisor

Caroline – Advisor, in charge of advice on French national health insurance reimbursements

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