L’Embellie Hair Institute

L’Embellie Hair Institute

Different Solutions to Meet Your Needs

You’re Having Chemotherapy?


A wide variety of hair solutions for men, women and children in synthetic hair, easy to wear and to look after, to cover up partial or total loss of hair during chemotherapy.


L’Embellie Hair Institute (in French) is certified under the Elite-Hair International labeling scheme. It specializes in medical hair prostheses and operates in a large number of healthcare centers.


Elite-Hair International video (in French).

You Want More Volume?


Hair replacements or volume systems are solutions for women who refuse to live with thin or patchy hair or want to hide grey roots. A wide range of products in synthetic or human hair that can be customized to fit your hair type, color and length, with stunning results.

Product Catalog (in French).  User testimonial (in French). 

You Are Affected by Alopecia?


The Dermofusion® technique is a solution where natural hairs are selected specifically to match the color, curliness, texture and thickness of your own hair.
They are implanted, one by one, into an undetectable membrane as thin as a contact lens.
This membrane is then attached to the skin of your head using a synthetic resin (glue or repositionable adhesive), which is renewed every month for perfect hygiene.


This solution means you can go about your day-to-day life as if you had your own hair and practise any sport you like, including swimming. Ideal for total or long-term hair loss. If you are interested, ask us for a price quote. A testimonial from one of our customers (in French).

You’re Losing Your Eyebrows?


Very light false eyebrows in natural hair, to attach with a drop of glue if you lose your eyebrows. The realistic appearance of the hair reinforces the natural look, with amazing results. Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.


For a cosmetic solution, with the Christian Kit you can choose the color best suited to your skin color and apply the semi-permanent makeup every day, to brighten and intensify your eyes.


L’Embellie does not recommend micropigmentation during chemotherapy.

You Want to Accessorize Your Turbans?

Don’t forget that you can always use fringes or weaves to personalize your turbans even more. They come in different colors and lengths, from 28€. Feel free to come and try them.



If you are interested in Dermofusion® and you would like some feedback, we can put you in touch with customers who have opted for this solution.

You can also watch, on the Elite Youtube channel (in French), television programs and the testimonials of women suffering from total or partial hair loss.

What Are Hair Loss Concealers?


The HAIR 30 solution (in French), a hair-building powder solid available in 6 colors, can be used to hide a bald patch or irregular hair volume on a day-to-day basis.

Watch a clip demonstrating this solution (in French) or come and try it at L’Embellie.

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