Hair Solutions

Hair Solutions

L’Embellie Hair Institute

Hair Prostheses

Models for Women

To help you to stay feeling feminine when faced with hair loss, we have chosen easy-to-wear, feminine, very natural models. In our range of suppliers we have a soft spot for the quality French brand Elite-Hair (in French).

Models for Men and Children

In human or synthetic hair, with or without an invisible band, each man will find his own solution.

For children, we have comfortable solutions that are easy to live with.

When and How?

Come and see us before you start losing your hair. That way we can take time together to find the hair solution that is closest to your natural hair and hairstyle. Make an appointment and allow at least an hour for trying different models.

When you feel the time is right, come back for us to fit your model and explain how to look after it. We will then give you a free Serena beauty treatment (gentle head shave, deep cleansing head wash and relaxing massage). Please make an appointment so that we can pay special attention to your specific needs.

Our Commitments


  • A private welcome in a comfortable changing room.
  • Presentation of models in all styles and colors and a wide range of prices.
  • Tips for wearing and looking after your hair solution.
  • Fitting and adjustment of your hair solution.
  • If you would like us to, we can cut your hair or shave your head when hair loss starts.
  • Models that are fully reimbursed by French national health insurance plans.

We have signed the INCA Charter (in French) for hair prosthesis customer rights and seller responsibilities (France).

Let’s Talk Technical!


Choose a solution that fits your hairstyle, lifestyle, budget and need for comfort so as not to change your habits.
For more information on how they are made, comfort issues and the choice between synthetic fibers and human hair, click here.

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